Little Fro

Автор: Viktoria Lazareva
Размер: 6,5″, единственный экземпляр
Категория: Медведи

Little Fro

Meet little Fro :)
Fro is a very positive and cheerful child.
The head is carved from Ladoll, the body is made of vintage velvet, glass eyes are handmade; beaded teeth, mouth have a velvet tongue; the head is double on a stand, fillers: quartz sand, kelp and cedar wool; legs on supports.
Tailcoat is made of hand-dyed flannel, cotton lining; pantaloons are made of cotton; cap is made of cotton. All clothes are artificially aged, removed.
Author's work.
100% handmade.

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Отзыв от Lori M.
США , – 13 фев 2020

I’ve had Alice on my favorites for a long time. I so happy I was able to adopt her! I just love the charm and uniqueness of the artist’s work!!!

Oh, thank you very much for your appreciation of my work! This is very important to me!
Viktoria Lazareva
Отзыв от Lori M.
США , – 3 фев 2020

I’m at a loss for words I haven’t said before! Cupid is simply fantastic!! Vizubik is very unique talent! Each creation is so unique!! I love all the little details that she puts into each of her creations!

Viktoria Lazareva
Отзыв от Lori M.
США , – 1 янв 2020

Zoya is fantastic!!! I love Vizubik’s creations!

Viktoria Lazareva
Отзыв от Lori M.
США , – 21 дек 2019

OMG I’m so excited Weevil arrived!!! He is in editablely WONDERFUL!!!! Fantastical unique with tons of personality!!!

Thank you very much for your interest in my work and such a warm review!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Viktoria Lazareva
Отзыв от Lori M.
США , – 19 окт 2019

Absolutely wonderful and unique artist! This is my 6th cutie! ❤️

Thank you very much! I'm always glad to see you! ❤️❤️❤️
Viktoria Lazareva
Отзыв от Lori M.
США , – 8 окт 2019

Viktoria Lazareva
Отзыв от Lori M.
США , – 5 окт 2019

Photos can’t do this sweet lady’s work justice! You can see her passion and the heart she puts into each piece. I’ve fallen in love with this kitty!

Viktoria Lazareva

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